Invitation to Attend the 2016 M-OSRP Annual Technical Review and Meeting - June 8 & 9 - UH Hilton

Posted on May 08, 2016

Dear Sponsors, Stakeholders and Invited Guests,

You are very warmly and most cordially invited to attend the 2016 M-OSRP Annual Technical Review and Meeting on June 8, 9, 2016 at the UH Hilton. Please find a provisional agenda attached. Please let us know by Tuesday May 31st if you (and/or colleagues you might designate)will be able to accept this invitation to attend. Thank you.

At this meeting we will: (1) review the M-OSRP strategy and plan to identify and address prioritized and pressing challenges in the petroleum industry whose solutions will provide the biggest positive impact on successful exploration and production drilling,(2) review our projects and progress, this past year, towards that goal, and (3) describe a plan to deliver that next level of needed higher effectiveness and capability in a cost constrained and capital expenditure reduced environment.

The entire Technical Review will be video recorded with synced slides and will be available on our website a few weeks after our meeting. We thank Andrea Arias-Rodriquez and Chris Watts and the UH NSM IT team for providing that outstanding, extremely effective and very much appreciated service and support.

In the two links below , please find:(1) the SEG Abstracts submitted this year from M-OSRP and (2) four M-OSRP videos on research projects, deliverables, strategic objectives and plans including the IBM Cloud HPC M-OSRP proposal, relevant to petroleum industry sponsors and non-sponsors.

We look forward to greeting and welcoming you at the 2016 M-OSRP Annual Technical Review and Meeting.

Warmest best regards,