M-OSRP | 2018 M-OSRP Annual Technical Review and Invited paper sent to Ecopetrol

2018 M-OSRP Annual Technical Review and Invited paper sent to Ecopetrol

Posted on June 18, 2018

Dear sponsors, colleagues and friends

We thank our sponsors and the attendees of the 2018 M-OSRP Annual Technical Review and Meeting. We are energized by your response to both our report of recent advances and progress, and our direction, plans and strategy. Our plans remain focused on addressing prioritized and pressing open issues and challenges whose solutions will have the biggest positive impact on exploration, appraisal and development drill placement decisions.

In about three weeks, we will share a link with a video of the 2018 M-OSRP Annual Technical Review with synced slides and a menu (corresponding to the attached agenda of presentations) to be able to select and view specific project presentations within our program.

In the links below, please find M-OSRP recent advances, new opportunities and strategic plans.

Going forward we will remain in close communication with our sponsors and stakeholders- and will continue to develop and deliver new and more effective seismic capability.

Separately, we were deeply honored, and very pleased to receive a letter from Ecopetrol - Centro de Innovación y Tecnología ICP to send an invited overview paper for the Special Issue of their Journal on Seismic Migration and Inversion. For your possible interest attached please find the paper we submitted.

As always we will keep you apprised throughout the year with newsworthy advances and progress.

Again many thanks for your constant encouragement and strong support.

We look forward to staying in touch

Warmest best regards,


Dr. Arthur Benjamin Weglein

Hugh Roy and Lillie Cranz Cullen Distinguished University Chair in Physics

Director, Mission-Oriented Seismic Research Program

Professor, Dept. of Physics, and Professor, Dept. of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

Physics Department , SR1 617

University of Houston

Houston, Texas 77204-5005

Office phone 713-743-3848

E mail aweglein@central.uh.edu