M-OSRP | 2016 SEG M-OSRP Executive Summary Presentation: Our Technical Strategy, Plans and Impactful Advances, Contributions and Deliveries

2016 SEG M-OSRP Executive Summary Presentation: Our Technical Strategy, Plans and Impactful Advances, Contributions and Deliveries

Posted on October 06, 2016

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I hope that this note finds you very well. In M-OSRP we are well: very busy, productive and happy.

This year , we provide a video, “2016 SEG M-OSRP Executive Summary Presentation”.

Please find below: (1) a list of key, relevant and significant messages communicated in the video 2016 SEG M-OSRP Executive Summary Presentation in the link below and (2) a list of links to several recent videos on topics that support, supplement and complement the messages delivered in the 2016 SEG M-OSRP Executive Summary video.

Among the key messages delivered within the 2016 SEG M-OSRP Executive Summary Video:

  1. The difference between modeling and inversion, and between direct and indirect inversion, and our view of the proper role that each type of inversion needs to play for an optimally effective seismic processing and seismic exploration strategy. What’s the practical bottom-line benefit of direct inversion? Why the popularity and appeal of indirect methods? There are many different incarnations of indirect methods, and among those are CIG flatness and all current approaches to AVO and FWI. What’s the practical cause for concern with indirect methods and the real world issue and big deal about a direct inverse solution? What are the available practical alternatives with direct inversion methods and options for all amplitude analysis objectives and , for example, AVO and FWI goals and objectives?
  2. Onshore, ocean bottom and towed streamer preprocessing: A new method for predicting and separating ground-roll and reflection data , without harming either one, and extending de-ghosting and wave separation for non-horizontal measurement acquisition surfaces aimed at on-shore and ocean bottom acquisition.
  3. Developing and delivering the next generation of necessary multiple removal effectiveness: the inverse scattering series (ISS) elimination of all internal multiples directly and without subsurface information- providing a new tool box option when multiples interfere with a target or reservoir primary- and where the currently used industry wide leading-edge highest capability, the ISS internal multiple attenuator plus adaptive subtraction, can and will fail.
  4. Developing and delivering the first migration method that can fully accommodate specular, curved and diffractive structure and can be used for subsequent amplitude analysis and is equally effective at all frequencies at the target and reservoir. That most physically well-founded migration advance also provides a tool for a definitive conclusion on the role of primaries and multiples in migration.
  5. Review, explain and exemplify why the inverse scattering series (ISS) provides the capability of achieving all processing objectives directly and without subsurface information . And how ISS direct depth imaging without the velocity model will provide a game changing seismic delivery and impact in the same exact way and for exactly the same reason that ISS multiple removal has ‘game changed’ multiple removal.
  6. Direct parameter estimation from the ISS for all amplitude analysis objectives- e.g., for the inversion objectives of the current indirect methods represented by AVO and FWI.


  1. Executive Summary Video: The M-OSRP delivered added value and documented E&P impact, March 9, 2015
  2. Key–note address , Abu Dhabi, March 31st , 2015 presented at the SEG FWI, Workshop Filling the gaps in Abu-Dhabi
  3. M-OSRP Annual Meeting 2016
  4. M-OSRP Annual Meeting 2016 Summary
  5. The first migration method for a heterogeneous medium that is equally effective at all frequencies
  6. M-OSRP Invited Presentation at Petrobras Workshop on Game Changing Seismic Technology - Aug. 2016

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