2013 SEG Annual Meeting Presentations

Posted on October 09, 2013

The following presentation files from the 2013 SEG Annual Presentation are available for download using the links below.

  • M-OSRP Technical Summary - 2013 SEG Annual Meeting - Arthur B. Weglein
  • The Multiple Attenuation Toolbox: Progress, Challenges and Open Issues - Arthur B. Weglein
  • Using Green’s Theorem to Satisfy Data Requirements of Multiple Removal Methods: The Impact of Acquisition Design - Lin Tang, James D. Mayhan, Jinlong Yang, and Arthur B. Weglein
  • General Theory for Accommodating Primaries and Multiples in Internal Multiple Algorithm: Analysis and Numerical Tests - Hong Liang, Chao Ma and Arthur B. Weglein
  • Accommodating the Source (and Receiver) Array in Free-Surface Multiple Elimination Algorithm: Impact on Interfering or Proximal Primaries and Multiples - Jinlong Yang, James D. Mayhan, Lin Tang and Arthur B. Weglein
  • Eliminating First-Order Internal Multiples with Downward Reflection at the Shallowest Interface: Theory and Initial Examples - Wilberth Herrera and Arthur B. Weglein
  • A New Method to Eliminate First Order Internal Multiples for a Normal Incidence Plane Wave on a 1D Earth - Yanglei Zou, Arthur B. Weglein
  • Time Saving Method Based on Angular Quantities Applied to an Internal Multiple Attenuation Algorithm: Fundamental Concept, Development and Numerical Analysis - Hichem Ayadi, Arthur B. Weglein
  • SEG Post Convention Workshop on Internal Multiples: A Three Pronged Strategy - Arthur B. Weglein