Executive Summary : The New M-OSRP Business Model - A Note for M-OSRP Oil and Service Company Sponsors and Non-Sponsors

Posted on March 04, 2016

  1. M-OSRP is currently, and will remain, a directed fundamental research program that identifies and addresses challenges whose solutions will have the biggest positive impact on the ability to locate and produce hydrocarbons.
  2. We are not forming a company or an associated mercantile activity.
  3. What’s New: Our sponsor, IBM, will provide a M-OSRP proprietary and secure Cloud HPC pay-as-you-go option, with access ,processing and optimization-an option for M-OSRP sponsors for processing data with M-OSRP codes and software. M-OSRP delivered codes are both extremely capable and extremely compute demanding - and both effectiveness and compute demand will be increasing. M-OSRP is providing a compute and processing option for our delivered codes, with IBM, for a cost constrained , reduced capital expenditure environment that can make leasing computers difficult. This IBM pay-as-you-use compute and processing access is an option, and a benefit of M-OSRP sponsorship, but there is absolutely no constraint or requirement for M-OSRP sponsors to process their data with our algorithms using the IBM Cloud HPC. That new IBM compute and processing option for sponsors, is a new and added M-OSRP sponsor benefit and delivery and is the only part of our M-OSRP business model that is new.
  4. Optimization, such as, for example the ConocoPhillips ISS internal multiple speed-up that is being discussed and planned with ConocoPhillips.
  5. The IBM Cloud HPC pilot project cost will not be charged to sponsors. We encourage you to send issues that you would like to see addressed in the pilot IBM Cloud HPC project to Scott Morton, (smorton@hess.com). Scott will lead the pilot test and the current plan is to test the 2D ISS internal multiple attenuation algorithm on a Hess field data set, and to analyze and report the results.
  6. Non-sponsors are invited to contact me at aweglein@uh.edu , to discuss how they can avail themselves of the benefits of the IBM Cloud HPC pay as you go, top of the line stand-alone capable and optimized seismic processing.
  7. The M-OSRP Annual Sponsor fee is unchanged.
  8. Upcoming M-OSRP stand-alone seismic capable deliverables ( a sampling of projects can be found in the note below) and their E&P impact, and the new business model, and the IBM Cloud pilot project, will be on the agenda at the M-OSRP Annual Technical Review June 8, 9 , 2016 at the UH Hilton, in Houston, Texas, USA. Please let us know if you plan to attend. Thanks.

Please feel free to contact me at aweglein@uh.edu (cell: 832-858-9292) with any questions or issues.

Thank you for your positive interest and response, and for your encouragement and support.

Warmest best regards,