2014 SEG Convention: M-OSRP Sponsor Meeting, Presentations and Posters

Posted on September 01, 2014

The following presentation files from the 2014 SEG Annual Presentation are available for download using the links below.

  • M-OSRP events at the SEG Annual Meeting in Denver October 27-31, 2014 - Arthur B. Weglein
  • Multiples: Signal or Noise? - Arthur B. Weglein
  • Elastic Green’s Theorem Preprocessing for On-Shore Internal Multiple Attenuation: Theory and Initial Synthetic Data Tests - Jing Wu
  • Internal Multiple Attenuation on EnCana Data - Qiang Fu
  • Including Higher-Order Inverse Scattering Series Terms to Address a Serious Shortcoming/Problem of the Internal-Multiple Attenuator: Exemplifying the Problem and its Resolution - Chao Ma
  • The First Test and Evaluation of the Inverse Scattering Series Internal Multiple Attenuation Algorithm for an Attenuating Medium - Jing Wu
  • Directly Achieving Seismic Processing Objectives in an Inelastic, Absorptive and Dispersive World, Without Knowing or Needing Elastic or Inelastic Properties - Arthur B. Weglein
  • Attenuating and Eliminating Internal Multiples in an Absorptive and Dispersive Earth - Jing Wu
  • Direct Depth Imaging Without a Velocity Model Using the Inverse Scattering Series - Arthur B. Weglein

  • Friday, Oct.31 , AM, post-SEG Workshop “Seismic attenuation and scattering”, presentation title “Directly achieving seismic processing objectives in an inelastic, absorptive and dispersive world, without knowing or needing elastic or inelastic properties”, Arthur B. Weglein, M-OSRP/UH, Kris Innanen, U Calgary, and Jose Eduardo Lira, Petrobras
  • Friday, Oct. 31, PM, post-SEG Workshop “Seismic Imaging….please check workshop title”, presentation title, “Direct depth imaging without a velocity model using the inverse scattering series”, Arthur B. Weglein, M-OSRP/UH, Fang Liu, M-OSRP/UH and Zhiqiang Wang, PGS