M-OSRP News: Closing Address at the 2021 SEG DGS Workshop on Velocity Model Building and submitted SEG Abstracts

Posted on May 03, 2021

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Dear Sponsors, Colleagues and Friends,

I hope that this note finds you very well. All is well on this end: very busy and very happy. Below, for your possible interest, please find the Closing Presentation of the 2021 SEG/DGS Workshop on Velocity Model Building, and the presentation slides. And separately, please find two recently submitted SEG Abstracts and a few relevant papers. I look forward to staying in touch. Sending you my warmest best wishes to be well and to please stay healthy, happy and safe.

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Highlights from the final day of the #SEG #DGS Velocity Model Building workshop! Closing the workshop with discussions on Waveform Inversion & case studies and engaging keynote presentations by Ian Jones (ION) and Denes Vigh (Schlumberger) and a fantastic closing address by Arthur Weglein (University of Houston). #velocitymodeling


The SEG/DGS Workshop on Velocity Model Building Closing Presentation:


At the bottom of this note, please find: the slides of this presentation, and two recently submitted SEG Abstracts along with several related documents.

In addition, for your possible interest below please find: a selection of Recent Invited Key-Note Addresses at International Conferences and Workshops

I. Challenges & New Advances in Velocity Model Building

The Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG) and the Dhahran Geophysical Society (DGS) organizing an SEG/DGS workshop on “Challenges & New Advances in Velocity Model Building” for March 9-11 2021 in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. workshop (the Organizers are from Petroleum Development, Oman, Shell Oil and Saudi Aramco) invitation to participate, and to present as the Closing Speaker.

Weglein Invited to be Closing Speaker at SEG-Dhahran Geophysical Society Workshop

II. Primaries and Multiples: Their Roles in Seismic Processing and Exploration

Key-note address at the SEG/KOC Workshop Dec. 3-5, 2019


SEG | KOC Workshop: Seismic Multiples – The Challenges and the Way Forward

Weglein to Present Keynote Address at SEG-Kuwait Oil Company Workshop


III. Direct and Indirect Seismic Processing Methods: Seismic Migration and Inversion- Recent Advances and Open Issues

Ecopetrol invited key-note presentation , Bogota, Colombia, December 8, 2018

IV. On-Shore E&P Challenges : recent progress and open issues

Weglein to Present Keynote Address at 2018 SEG/KOC Workshop

V. Weglein 2018 SEG Post-Convention Workshop on “Multiples” Keynote address

Weglein to Give SEG Post-Convention Workshop Keynote

VI. Defining and Addressing Seismic Game-Changing Challenges

M-OSRP Invited Presentation at Petrobras Workshop on Game Changing Seismic Technology - Aug. 2016

VII. Seismic Amplitude Analysis for parameter estimation- a direct inversion method, the benefit and added-value

Key–note address , Abu Dhabi, March 31st , 2015 presented at the SEG FWI, Workshop Filling the gaps in Abu-Dhabi








Ecopetrolv5, slides of Ecopetrol presentation.pdf

int-2016-0198.1-1, invited paper SEG Interpretation Journal on Amplitude analysis and interpretation.pdf

seg abstract from 2016.pdf



segam2017-17784079-1 wedge comparison.pdf